ODS Abatement, fridge & freezer recycling, recovery of CFC & Pentane from foam and insulation material

LESNI's combined CFC and VOC recovery plant provides the ultimate integrated solution for purifcation of ozone depleting substances. The package generally consists of several purification steps upstream of a selective catalytic abator with a tail end chemical scrubber in a compact, but favourable and economical approach to onsite recovery.


The solution offers a complete purification of all emissions generated by the recycling process thus reducing waste, disposal and operating costs. This proven and developed technology has been successfully in operation across Europe as soon as the US. The mixture of organic and non-organic gases, formed during the mechanical pulverisation and recovery of blowing agent from the insulation material in fridge and freezers are completely purified to EU directive for VOC.

The system includes 5 separate stages to control peaks and eliminate various pollutants:

  1. Dust Filter (separation of any dust particles and foam
  2. Adsorber (dampen of peaks and removal of heavy metals)
  3. Catalytic abator (hydrolisis of CFC, HFC, HCFC and VOC)
  4. Chemical scrubber (absorption of HCl)
  5. Neutralisation (waste water treatment)



  • Hydrolysis of freon 11 and 12 (R11 and R12)
  • Oxidation of cyclopenthane
  • Reduction of Waste Disposal
  • Operating cost
CFC Abatement Plant