Odour removal from Food production

When developing cities and habitated areas suddenly come closer to industrial zones. Often, these manaufacturing plants are forced to reduce emissions and odors from even existing production lines. New, tougher emission limits are being introduced and agreed, for example 5 OU/m3 (odor units) for habitated areas and 10 OU/m3 for industrial zones.
Companies involved in value-adding processing of foodstuff and ingredients, taste improvers and additives, casings, re-use of cheese, smoke houses, processing of fish, fermenting and hydrolisation are all potential "producers" of smells and odors which needs to be eliminated or reduced.

The emissions can either be diffused by dilution or dispersion to atmsophere with higher stack, or can be traced to a more concentrated source for effective treatment.
LESNI can advise and specify how to make correct measurement e.g. (olfactometer / gas chromatography / mass spectrometry / or GCMS) and advise BAT for solutions to reduce or eliminate those components that are responsible or involved when the problem is smell / odor.