LESNI combined CFC recovery plant provides the ultimate solution for "WEEE" and the treatment of ozone depleting substances (ODS) generated from defragmentation and recycling process of fridge and freezers to the highest levels of recovery that any other technology can provide.

Furthermore, the well proven technology currently offers the only complete solution for the safe conversion of "ODS" controlled substances like R11, R12 and other refrigerants; as well as other hydrocarbon refrigerants such as pentane and isobutene that are used in modern fridges. The system meets all highest standards and does not generate any hazardous liquid waste.


Hydrolysis of freon 11 and 12 (R11 and R12)
Oxidation of cyclopenthane
Reduction of

  • Waste
  • Disposal
  • Operating cost



The system includes 5 separate stages to control peaks and eliminate various pollutants:

  1. Dust Filter (Separation of any dust particles and foam)
  2. Adsorber (Dampen of peaks and removal of heavy metals)
  3. Catalytic abator (Hydrolisis of CFC, HFC, HCFC and VOC)
  4. Chemical scrubber (Absorption of HCl and HF)
  5. Neutralisation (Waste water treatment)